Reverend Leslie D. Nelson

By sharing the Heart of the Savior, through faith, hope and love, Reverend Nelson works to bring about a strengthening in people’s faith and trust in God the Father, hope and encouragement to those who have lost hope, and a deeper understanding of God’s amazing love and forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ.

Through the Word of God, Leslie hopes to bring about refreshment, restoration and renewal of who you are in Jesus Christ and the Love of God the Father,  and to empower and release  people to walk in healing and freedom to be all they can be in Christ Jesus.

Reverend Leslie D. Nelson works to impact lives through her radio broadcasts that focus on God’s Word, teaching and speaking to today’s issues, and through special guests who will share their lives and their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a fully ordained pastor, Leslie officiates at weddings and funerals, provides respite for pastors needing to take a leave by filling their pulpit, and brings the Heart of the Savior to others as a guest speaker at retreats and events.

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