Epistle 6

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May 22, 2007



Everyone, words cannot express my appreciate and thanks for all of you and your support of this trip.

There is more to report from our final four days, but today is our last day in Ergli and we are going to take some special photo’s.

I will write about the final days of our trip when I get home so you can hear all about the quilt show, our last church service in Madona, and Kathy’s class.

Kim and Bruce have been excellent hosts and have driven us from one end to the other so that we could experience all there is to see here.  That will be one of the hardest things, is to leave them here.  Boxes of kleenex are a must at the airport.

So, blessings to all of you.  We leave at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday which will be 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday your time.

We ask that you send up prayers for us for safe travel from Ergli to Riga and then home from Riga to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Seattle and Seattle to Portland.  Kathy will immediately catch the last flight out to Redmond.  That will be another emotional moment as I couldn’t have done this without my sister with me.  She has been my rock of Gibraltar, my best friend, my encourager and sister.

Well –  off to see what is left.

Final Latvia report –

Atta Atta (Latvian)

Bye Bye (Americano)

As always, in His Service,

Leslie and Kathy