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Guest Publications


Book: The Garments of Salvation, Orthodox Christian Liturgical Vesture – Author Krista M. West

Is beauty within the Church optional or essential? What is the origin of Orthodox Christian liturgical vestments and what is their significance? What meaning is contained in the textiles, colors and designs used in Orthodox Christian liturgical practice? Answering these and many other questions, master vestment maker, Khouria Krista West, invites us to explore the fascinating and colorful world of Orthodox Christian vesture and church adornment. The first comprehensive book on this topic in the English language, The Garments of Salvation is an engaging and compelling presentation of the nearly 2000-year tradition of liturgical garments within the Eastern Orthodox Church.

“The Garments of Salvation” will fascinate anyone who loves “the beauty of Thy house” with its insight into the meaning and making of liturgical vestments and fabrics. Most importantly, it returns to us our own holy tradition, a tradition of great beauty, which threatens to be lost to the temptations of cheap materials and hasty production. Beauty matters, and The Garments of Salvation will make you hungry to see it in your own churchKh Frederica Mathewes-Green


St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press

ISBN 978-0-88141-477-6 (paperback)

ISBN 978-99141-478-3 (hardback)

ISBN 978-0-88141-479-0 (digital)


Book: Marriage facts before, during and beyond – Author Dr. Maxine Lawrence

In 2009, Maxine Lawrence was given a challenge by her professor to research the subject of marriage – not because Maxine had been successfully married, but because she had experienced another failed marriage.  In her quest, she discovered that the parent/child relationship was not the highest relationship, but instead it was marriage.  Dr. Lawrence has compiled information to better understand marriage facts, before, during, and beyond, from God’s perspective.  This book gives a biblical explanation of the origin and purpose of marriage, roles of both husband and wife, and characteristics required for permanent marriage, and how to identify unhealthy individuals such as pedophiles and other abusers.

When marriage breaks down and adultery, fornication, or desertion occur and are un-repented of, God has allowed a painful mercy called divorce, which allows for remarriage, but only to Christian believers.  With remarriage comes courting/dating and blended families.  This book will give you insights and practical tools that can guide you in making Christ-honoring choices.

WestBow Press

ISBN 978-1-4497-8217-7

Book: Heart Condition – Author Don Geyer
Preface:  Lucas, the author of the third Gospel, was an educated man.  As such he was supposed to have all the answers, but his years of medical training left him with an inquisitive mind.  Included in his Gospel are stories unique to his account, but he was cryptic in their telling.  What really happened as he traveled the Holy Land in search of the truth?  What he encountered was mo he bargained for and in the process the doctor discovers his own Heart Condition.  Walk the duty path with Lucas as he encounters eyewitnesses of the amazing and enduring legacy left behind by the Man who changed history, who changed eternity:   Jehoshua.  What will you discover along the way?
Available:  or at East Hill Church Bookstore in Gresham, Oregon.


Book: The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering, An Introduction – Author Dr. Jon Swanson
Preface:  In response to the call for a more explicitly biblical position on end times, Dr. Jon Swanson and Endurance Ministries present The Final Trumpet RAPTURE Gathering:  An Introduction.  This work is intended as a gift to the Church for the express purpose of discipleship in Christ Jesus during these days before His glorious return.  As His followers obeyed Him through the centuries, so too are His followers today to submit to His Lordship.  This included obedience to His instruction concerning how we are to live in the days of the end . . . our days.

Book: Rick and Jane Learn to Listen & Talk: The First Step to Intimacy – Al & Autumn Ray
Preface: ant to have a happier, healthier marriage? Learn how to function as a winning team! In Rick and Jane Learn to Listen and Talk, Al and Autumn Ray reveal practical skills that can transform your relationship. You’ll discover: The power of a dynamic play, How to create a common playbook, and How to encourage your teammate to get back in the game.